Importing Kurzweil *.krz files into Cubase 6

Hey guys,

last week I started working on a new track that I originally created solely on my K2000 in the mid 90s. Now, a few decades later I use Cubase 6 with a bunch of VST effects and instruments. In order to recreate the track I want to use some of the original samples from the K2000 (especially drum-kits from old analog machines) and carry them over into my C6 project. I think using them with Groove Agent One would be fine.

Now I’m wondering how to transport the samples (or *.krz files) into Cubase. As a first try I simply sampled one drum-kit with Cubase and recreated a GA1-Kit to use them with MIDI. But isn’t there a better way to do this?

I’m using an Iomega Zip 100 SCSI drive with my K2000 but do not find any technical way to connect this drive to my new PC. Is there a way to bridge from SCSI to USB?

Another problem then will be to import the *.krz files into Cubase 6. I know that Halion 4 can do this. But unfortunately I do not own Halion 4 (or KONTAKT). Are there other tools out there to import Kurzweil samples or transform them to e.g. WAV?

Thank’s a lot for your ideas in advance!


There is a neat program that can automatically sample your K2000 programs at any number of velocity levels, map the samples correctly and save them in different sampler formats. Look for “SampleRobot”.