Importing Logic key commands


been using Logic (in one form or another) since 1986. Trying to transition full time to Cubase.
One thing that would greatly help would be to be able to import my heavily customised Logic key commands.
I have exported the commands out of Logic (Logic 9) - logic keys.logikcs
Cubase offers the option of importing key commands, but doesn’t recognise the exported Logic file.
Any thoughts?

Much appreciated, Bryan New

Not possible … :blush:

Cubase actually does not import key commands, even though there is such an option. Maybe it’s still there for historical reasons.

Here is a file that came with an older version of Cubase though. Put it in:

~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/Presets/KeyCommands/

It will then be available to you in the Key Commands dialog. (note: you have to change the file suffix to .xml too, due to forum limitations)

Best of luck with Cubase.
Logic KeyCommands.txt (30.4 KB)

I think importing key commands is for people who work on different studios and bring their own key commands on usb for example.

I’ve done quite extensive amount of key command editing to my own preferences and if I was to work somewhere else with another instance of Cubase I would be sure to bring my own key commands with me.

Well, try it before you actually go to another location. The import function doesn’t work because Cubase does not recognize .key files.

You simply have to move the key commands xml file to the correct directory to make it available to Cubase.

Thanks. Appreciated.

Bryan New