Importing markers from WAV files


I am editing some field recordings from a Sound Devices audio recorder and the markers that I am adding during recording are not showing up in Wavelab where they show up in other software. Any suggestions for getting these to import into Wavelab along with the audio?


What audio file format? Do you have an example file?

Maybe he is opening the wav file in a montage. If so:
Markers Tab -> Functions -> Import markers from active clip’s audio file to Audio Montage

It’s a WAV file opened in the wave editor. This is the file:

Thanks for the file. After analysis, it does contain markers, but they have a missing data. This is why WaveLab does not import them. IOW, the software that created this file has a bug. What application created this audio file?

Some other audio software are apparently more tolerant and can import the markers anyway. I will change WaveLab to be as tolerant in a future version.

Cool. These files came directly out of a Sound Devices 722 field recorder. I wonder if there is a way to make these markers usable in the meantime.

Try re-saving the file from a software that can reads the markers. Possibly, the markers will be saved properly this time.

I opened the file in IZ-RX and the markers are there.
If you Export the file “as is” the markers show up in Wavelab

Also Sound Devices has their own freely available software, WaveAgent, don’t they? Maybe that would do the same if opened and exported.


I have been trying somethings with this “markers” audio file from Sound Devices recorder
It shows markers in Reaper as dotted red vertical lines ?
can be replaced with real markers by hand just zoom in and replace with (M) and
render to new file and then it shows in WaveLab :slight_smile:

if WaveLab could read .csv files or even better as above example :slight_smile:


regards S-EH

Thanks everyone. I tried wave agent before with no luck, but RX7 opens them just fine and saves them in a way that Wavelab can read them.