Importing MIDI and using sound fonts

Hello, Im new to cubase and dont know anything about the program. Im used to DAW’S like reaper kontakt and audacity. Im a guitarist and I compose songs and scores in Guitar Pro 6, and the quality is exceptional for what it does synthetically. But if you’re producing a CD quality song the guitar parts, (mostly the distortions) sound weak and fake. This has plagued musicians for years since the interweb began and MIDI was new.

My object is to take midi data and get as good a guitar distortion as I can. Some sound fonts use real guitar recordings. This is one of the best Ive found that uses a real les paul, (see link below) but I dont know how to make it work.

Power Chords - SoundFont, Kontakt and EXS24 / SoundFont: guitar sampling and recordings

Midi technology should be there. So the basic idea is I have created some raw midi data in guitar pro of the chords and tempo I want. So the idea is to import the raw MIDI data into CUBASE and color that with sound fonts or VSTI’s. Which I dont know anything about. Right now Im struggling to get my MIDI data to play in cubase.

I was told by the author of the guitar file above to somehow import kontakt into cubase as a plug in, and then open his file in kontakt.

Please help out if you can. Thanks

You haven’t said what version of Cubase you are using, but import midi is usually part of the ‘File’ menu dropdown.
If you have Halion in your version, you may be able to load sound fonts into that. Please be more specific on your version and people will be able to help in more detail.
Most versions of Cubase also have distortion VSTs.