Importing midi drums (correct notation but wrong midi notes in Key Editor)

I’m trying to develop a workflow for my current project where I can write my midi drums in Logic and then export it (in channel 10 of course) to import into Dorico so that I can write directly over the top of my drum sounds. When I import into Dorico the notation is great but the midi values in the Key Editor are all wrong and therefore the sounds from Kontakt aren’t working at all. I changed my midi mapping in Logic to general midi and made sure all the midi notes were correct so it should work normally. Here are three screenshots so you can see my midi import settings, the resulting notation and the midi values in the Key Editor.


Could someone please help? This is driving me mad. I don’t understand why it is importing this way. It doesn’t match up with general midi mapping no? However the standard kit does seem to play back correctly for the most part. Why is the general midi not lining up with my general midi in Kontakt?

You bumped your thread within a few hours of posting it, which might be a record :slight_smile: Please don’t bump threads – though I know it can be frustrating to wait for an answer, one will eventually come!

I’m a bit puzzled by the fact that the Key Editor is showing the regular piano roll editor for pitched music rather than the percussion editor for unpitched music. Can you attach the project you’re working on, or at least an empty project that contains your custom percussion kit and your percussion map, and the MIDI file you’re importing?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your response. I’m very sorry about that, in a rather dramatic twist I got a bit confused about the activity log… I will be more patient next time. I hadn’t even heard of the term bumping in regards to forums before…

Here is the Dorico and Midi file. I no doubt made some silly error somewhere…

ETUDE3.dorico (1.9 MB)