Importing midi file, stop asking us to create a new project

Guys we’re living in 2024 now, when importing midi into an active project stop asking us if we want to create a new project or at least give us the option to stop this prompt and just import the midi into the project. Thanks

I believe this behavior can be changed in Preferences. Check out the midi import options there.

Is this what you want?
Places the file on one track if you drag a MIDI file into the project.

No, the issue is if you have a .MID (or .MIDI) file of any type (0, 1, 2) and you drag it into cubase in an active project, cubase (and this goes all the way back to the 90s) wants to close your project and start a new project despite the fact that you drug it into a specific place and time in the currently active project.

When dragging a type 0 midi file into a project why on earth would you want to close the current project and open a new blank project with just that one midi section included?

The item you highlighted deals with multi part midi files (1,2,etc). Just like you can have 16 midi tracks in a cubase project you can have 16 or more tracks in a midi file. These might control multiple parts of an arranger keyboard like some cheesy casio or yamaha thing, or might control multiple channels of an access virus or other synth like that.

Lets say I recorded 16 different midi parts in a synth with a built in sequencer and then got the MIDI data to the PC and I wanted to open them up in Cubase and play them through an access virus where I have 16 different sounds programmed for each of the midi channels. The option you are highlighting would dump all of those 16 sounds into one midi track in cubase where you could not edit the individual info sent to the virus (for example midi track mutes etc). Someone might want to do this but I have never encountered a reason.

What the original post was about was having an already open cubase project with stuff in it, if I drag a midi loop into the project I want the loop where I dropped the loop with the mouse and if it is a 32 channel .MID file for an Akai S5000 I want all 32 channels created if they don’t already exist. This is simple stuff that has been around since the 80s and yet workflow from Cubase VST in the 90s still exists in 2024.

After 25+ years you get used to it but it sure is stupid.

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@Chris_995 , @djpat
Turn the question around: How else would you be able to open a midi file in a new project via drag’n’drop if it weren’t for the dialog?
And yes, there are customers wanting to do exactly that.

One MIDI track may contain multiple MIDI channels which can be split out using MIDI | Dissolve Part.

If I understand correctly, you are wanting to merge a complete MIDI arrangement into an existing project. What I would do in that case is just let the import create a new project and then drag & drop what I want from the imported MIDI into my existing project … i.e., have multiple projects open but keep the original one active. The created project can point to any folder (e.g. a temp folder somewhere) and the created project doesn’t have to be saved.

Lets get real, if you wanted to open a midi file in a new project. Realistically, You would create a new project and import the midi. Why would you then get asked if you wanted to create another new project :joy::joy::joy::joy: Cubase is super logical, I love it. This import dialog for a midi file is not logical at all… With comments like this from Jonny, I wonder if it holds Steinberg back in some way.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for that create a new project dialog upon importing midi to be optional, regardless if the midi is a multipart midi file or a single. Thank you Steinberg team for taking my suggestion on board.

You have a certain way of working, others might have other ways.

Thank you, that is a rather condescending way of looking at other people’s opinion.

You think the import feature should be changed. I like it exactly the way it is. Maybe other will chime in. Steinberg can then decide how to go about this.