Importing MIDI files, Help appreciated

Hi there,

I am a guitar player from Munich. I am using GuitarPro to learn new songs for me and my students. Many good tabs and songs are available on ultimate-guitar as many of you may know.
Now the problem: I can import the MIDI files i created in gitpro without any hassle. My cubase artist even recognises the sounds and a guitar is a guitar and a drum track a drum track which is a nice plus, BUT …
The loudness of the tracks is after import at zero, as well as the panning, and i cannot change it. And the strange thing is: it is not at zero level at all. The velocity of the single notes in the editor is at 80 on all notes by default which is boring and i am able to edit them, BUT the loudness of the track itself cannot be changed.
If i copy the MIDI data of a drum part and paste it on my default track on which I use EZdrummer or GGGD drums for instance, everythings is good and i can reduce the loudness. Wtf?
I have found nothing on the german forum about this problem. Would be nice, if someone of you guitar playing guys who has solved this issue for himself could enlighten me on this subject.
Thanx a lot

And wtf is the sound genereting device if you don´t use EZDrummer…?
And Note velocity is not generally the same as loudness…

The sound generating device i am using does not make any difference. I can use anyone i want, the issue stays the same. Only if i copy and paste the MIDI data to one of my own tracks i can change panning and velocity, that is the strange thing and sometimes i do not have the time and patience to copy paste 20 tracks. Plus i want to understand the reason behind this. thx

Here is a screenshot. I can change the settings as much as i want to, to no avail. Only AFTER i copy paste the data to another track, i can change loudness. Strange thing is. as you can see, loudness and panning SEEM to be off, while they are not. Strange, not? :smiley:

Recently I made a midi-file on my keyboard and loaded that in Cubase. I struggled with the same problem. The recorded song on the keyboard wans ending with a ‘Fade-out’. So the midi-track in Cubase was automaticly set to 0/zero when I played the song in Cubase. I see in the Inspector that the volume-sign seems to be on Zero/0??
Don’t know if it helps you or if I’m right, but want to share my thoughts/experience?

I am not sure whether i understand you correctly. It would be the same problem in any case, if your imported MIDI file
STAYs uneditable like mine. I have found a workaround by copying the content of the track to one of my configuration.

anyone else? should be a common problem, come to think of it.

Don’t know if this has anything to do with your situation? I assume you are saying the faders and the panning slider do not function?

I find this to be true when using HALion because all the volume and pan controls are in the HALion vsti window.

I’m not sure if I’m using the right terminology so anyone else please expand.

Hey Mike,

you were barking up the right tree. The fine tuning i was looking for is indeed in this Halion window. But: all files start at least in my case at maximum level and the drums are still not very loud, so it takes too much time fo my adjustments of imported MIDIs.
i will proceed with my method of double click - create new file on a preset track - insert MIDI data there = good sound, editable as wanted.
If someone has a better method or workflow, please tell us. thx