Importing Midi Files Problem in C11

I have a midi file of an orchestral score.
I chose opened it in Cubase, and all the varying time signatures and tempo information imported fine. I took a quick look, then decided to open the file in my normal Cubase template, which has all the reverbs, etc already set up. So created a NEW file, with my template, and imported the midi file. Notes /instruments came in fine, but no tempo information, and no time signature info. So I went back to the original file where I had opened the midi file, exported the tempo info to an SMT file, then opened the session built on my template again and imported the SMT. Now it got the tempo right, but not the time signatures, it’s all 4/4. What am I doing wrong here?


Disable the Ignore Master Track Events on Merge in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File, please.

Martin, thanks so very much!