Importing MIDI for dunces?

In Cubase 10 Pro on Windows 10. Been using this DAW many years and am pretty adept with audio here, just very clumsy with MIDI. Have always been fine creating new MIDI tracks but have historically found it difficult when importing MIDI.

I’ve imported MIDI on a MIDI track I’ve created and routed that to a virtual instrument track and I get no audio. I tried dropping the MIDI directly onto the VI track - still no audio. Clearly I’m doing something wrong.

Please explain to me like I’m 5 as this is not making sense to me. I’m monitoring the VI track and have tried several different MIDI channel options including “All”

To start I’d recommend using an Instrument Track rather than MIDI Tracks. Either is a ligit way to go, but problem solving will be simpler on an Instrument Track (well actually most everything is easier using Instrument Tracks).

Can you Import a MIDI File onto an Instrument Track to recreate the problem and then post a screenshot showing the items circled below.