Importing MIDI from Logic Pro into Dorico


I have a string quartet that has been mocked up in Logic. I’m ready to transfer the MIDI over to Dorico to fine-tune the score for a recording session. Quite a few issues!
Dorico wants to create multiple players and won’t let me choose a single player. It also has misread the MIDI file and can not detect the viola and cello parts. It seems to want to create a player/part per MIDI region…
I have been using Cinematic Solo Strings and articulation maps in Logic - is that the problem?
I did something similar for Spitfire Woodwinds and didn’t have many issues…
Any help - gratefully received.

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When you import the MIDI file into Dorico, Dorico will make a default assessment of the instruments required for the tracks it finds, but you can always change them.

To swap between single and section players in the MIDI Import Options dialog, click the little player icon in the table, which will swap between the two types of player.

You can also change which actual instrument Dorico thinks should be used to import that track by double-clicking the Instrument(s) in track column, which shows an instrument picker from which you can choose the instrument Dorico should actually use.

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MIDI’s transmission of instrument types is fairly primitive: there’s the GM list of Program Changes, and that’s it.

Have you tried exporting MusicXML from Logic?