Importing MIDI gives wrong bar location

Hello fine folk!

I am importing a midi file that was created and exported from Logic. But when I import it into Dorico, the chord symbols are misplaced one bar ahead of the actual changes.

Any solution to this?

I must be misreading, but it looks to me like the markers are appearing at exactly the same location they appear in Logic’s timeline?

Bar 9: F
Bar 11: F
Bar 13: Dm
Bar 14: G
Bar 15: Dm

…and so on. That also appears to be exactly where those markers are appearing in the resulting Dorico project.

It looks to me as though bar 2 has effectively been deleted in the Dorico project, but the markers have kept their original positions. The clue is that in the Logic screenshot, each of the opening piano chords are two bars long, whereas in the Dorico screenshot they’re two bars long apart from the first one.

I don’t know where you need to make the change, though - your cycle range in Logic appears correct.

@Alexander_Andresen hello,
I would suggest you to try to open exactly the same MIDI file in another app, like another DAW (different than Garage Band), or another Scoring Software - You could try with MuseScore. If you have friends with Cubase/Nuendo, Studio One, Digital Performer, Ableton, Sibelius or Finale, you could ask them to check the file if it opens fine, or not. We have to be sure that Logic Pro exported the file properly.
I don’t face any issues when importing MIDI exported by Cubase, or Studio One into Dorico.
If the file looks as it should on other platforms, then the problem could be in Dorico.

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Yes, the Markers are appearing correct as you say, but the melody line (Una Corda) starts on bar 8 in Dorico, when it should start on bar 9 as it does in Logic.

Thanks, yes, well spotted :clap:

Basically, the melody line is one bar ahead of the others and I don’t know what happened in the simple Midi export/import.

Yeah, I have Cubase and Sibelius. I’ll try those.