Importing midi loop from EZ Drummer in Dorico 4.2

Here. I imported your original MIDI file (whichever MIDI format that was) and followed my former instructions, identifying which instrument in each imported percussion set was the active one and then exporting (via the little button at bottom left of the Kit editor) and dragging just that instrument into an empty player (viewed in Galley View for maximum visibility). Once I had all the active instruments in that player and had made sure to associate each with a playback instrument (I used HALion for simplicity), I imported each into an empty kit (using the little import button at the bottom left).

I hope this will help.
PercTemplate Conversion.dorico (1.0 MB)

Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. I am on the run the next 48 hours and I will need to study your sequence, so I’ll be quiet for a few days. (Forum erupts in applause.) :slight_smile:

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I’m so relieved I found this thread! I was looking for a way to import MIDI segments (not actually drum MIDI – just regular orchestral instruments) into Dorico from my DAW. I’m looking to import sections of a track at a time (for ex., Violins 1, bars 20-50). The Play window has come to the rescue! The only thing is that I can’t drag and drop MIDI directly from my DAW (Digital Performer). Darn it! But I can export the midi from DP, then drag and drop that MIDI file into the track in Dorico’s play window. Very cool! If you have any suggestions about how I might drag and drop directly from DP, that would be great. I think it may be a DP problem, though.

You might try copying the MIDI region and pasting it in Play mode — IIRC, something like that happens with Cubase under the hood when dragging the region.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work.

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I also tried dragging the midi segment into the midi editing part of the Play window… which crashes Dorico. :frowning: