Importing MIDI or XML music from Logic

I have tried to import a score in MIDI and in XML music , it is unusable
What is my problem ?
Thanks in advance for your help
toi le premier PDF dorico.pdf (2.6 MB)

It looks like your page size is much too small and perhaps your space size too large. (Layout Options)

This is way more staves than anyone would want in a score. The page would have to be 4 feet tall. But there are many duplicate instruments, especially percussion, and paging through it I can see each one has only a few bars of music. Before you change the page size, look through it in galley view. Move the notes up from duplicate instruments to consolidate the parts. Then you can delete lots of empty staves.

I don’t know how the file you imported got formatted this way. Maybe there’s a quicker way to get the source to be more coherent.

Doesn’t Dorico 4 now have extensive options for importing MIDI to help consolidate similar instrument tracks into single instrument tracks in Dorico?

Hi Mark
There is only two stave of percussion one for the rhythm and one for the fills !
There are multiple tracks that are not in the music, some times the choir is singing sometimes not ! same for many instruments.
When I print the score in Logic it is not perfect but it is readable.
Importing the score in Dorico should have been better than in Logic !!!
Steinberg has to work so the import works !
I did a trial when I bought Dorico, no improvement has been done for complex score.
I am very disappointed so far

Perhaps if you post a midi or XML file one of us can figure out how to do this better. I’m betting Derrek’s suggestion will do it.

Either export less tracks from Logic as musicxml, or if it’s a MIDI import use the new dialog to amalgamate tracks or only import the ones you need. You can delete the extra tracks/staves in Dorico but it would probably be quicker to only import what you need.

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Hello John
There is only 51 Logic tracks in the project.
I need to print a score for the SACEM to protect it
I can print from Logic but it is not perfect, I would have thought that Dorico could do better
I will do some more test (removing mute and audio tracks, joining patterns…
So far have re-import the XML file into Logic, looks ok
Re-importing the Midi file into Logic create 220 tracks !!!
Importing music XML into Dorico give a better result but it is still un-printable

If you look in Dorico to one track at a time, it looks fine.

Hi. You probably need to change the space size (layout options > page setup). And maybe hide empty staves ? (Layout options>Vertical spacing> staff visibility)

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Hi Marc
Thanks for your answer.
All track are used at a moment in the song
In Logic when he has not the room to print all the tracks on one page it is printing them on multiple pages.
Is there a parameter that allow that in Dorico. How do you print the partition of the Orchestral Conductor ?

Dorico doesn’t have any features to “tile” a page across multiple pages for printing. You should take Marc’s advice and adjust the page size and staff size on the Page Setup page of Layout Options, and perhaps also enable hiding of empty staves on the Vertical Spacing page.

Hello Daniel
I have reduce the font sizes, it’s a bit better but it is still unusable.
I cannot reduce the number of staves as in the Tuti 90 % of them are used.
May be in next version you will add the possibility to “tile” page across
I have tried to make the page bigger to Print to a PDF, did not find the option


You should set e.g. the page size to A3 and the space size to rastral size 7 or 8, and that should get you to a more useable result.


Hello Daniel
Thanks for your answer
I could not find where you specify the size of the page ?

You define such things for each layout in the Layout > Page Setup menu option.

Thanks everybody,
Setting the page to A1 size solved the problem
Just hoping that the “tile” will be introduce in next version.