Importing MIDI Remote scripts

Seems like it should be easy, but…
I started writing a MIDI Remote script for Cubase 12 for my Nektar P1. Then I found someone who had already made one so I downloaded it. Put it in Users/my name/Steinberg/MIDI Remote/Public, which is where all the very few other scripts Steinberg bothered to prepare are located.
The only P1 script my computer sees is the previous one I started. I disconnected the P1 in Setup, but still get that and Cubase can’t seem to replace it with the finished script I downloaded.
Any ideas appreciated. Manual is no help that I can find.

I believe it needs to be imported:

Duh…thank you, sir!


3ed party scripts (.js) go in Local ONLY. Putting it in Public will NOT work because that directory is rewritten occasionally.

If it is a (.midiremote) then it must be imported as described above.

Thanks, all. Got it!
-Brian Wilson