importing midi track with tempo and time changes

almost 5 days later and I still cannot get tempo and time signature changes to import with a midi… ideally being able to keep midi markers and everything would be nice… but so far no go… what I HAVE tried is I found in preferences

“MIDI” and unchecked the box “ignore master events on merge” but it didn’t seem to do anything… boggles my brain that when you import a midi it doesn’t just ASK you if you want to merge midi events or not… but I might give this program more of a chance if I can atleast get it to do it the long way… I had an entire album in midi that I wanted to rework with new vsti’s and if I can’t atleast import the click track I made with tempo and time signature markers I give up. trying not to sound “whiney”(advice from forum goers) but it’s kind of hard not to be incredibly frustrated and angry at my 550$ “lawn ornament”


Prefs > MIDI > Uncheck “Ignore Master Track Events On Merge

ummm that’s what I did and it didn’t do anything… that’s why I’m here

bump? no one else has a solution?

I haven’t used Cubase Artist 8, but I’ve tried the following in Cubase 6:

  1. Imported MIDI file into existing project - No MIDI tempo information. I tried unchecking “Ignore Master Track Events On Merge” - still no tempo information.

  2. Imported MIDI filer into new project - Tempo information is imported.

This one stumped me too, but I found a solution: after importing the midi file, select

roject, dd track, empo. That will give you a tempo track and it will be filled with the midi tempos you’ve set. I also then add a Signature track, though the tempo track seems to provide the signature as it was when the midi was made.

Looking at this thread again… adminatron - you were trying to do this with Tempo set to Track and not Fixed, right? I mean, of course you were… no way you couldn’t be. Right?

I need to be able to import midi data after the fact… and no jeff, I don’t even know where that setting is or why it exists… hopefully I can get the software returned… I’m the exact opposite of inspired when I open cubase… not exactly ideal for a composer… oh well maybe I’ll use it to make a printable score down the line… I earn the cost of cubase in a weeks time, wasted a week trying to learn it, might as well cut my losses… might not be able to get my money back, but I certainly won’t get my time back

And if you’re listening yamaha you might want to invest some time in making cubase operate like the rest of the market… ableton and fl studio deviate from the standard quite a bit because they are aimed towards a different way of creating things… an interface needs to be intuitive… and instead of making more vsts and supporting more formats, focus on making an effort to to user friendly

That last comment from Jeff, unfriendly though it was, might also be a clue: I just imported a midi file again and now it comes in with tempo. Why in the world there would be a “fixed tempo” option as a default, who knows. But the button is in the Transport Window. You click on the word “TEMPO” or the word “FIXED” … peculiar operation, but you want it to say “TEMPO” in one little box and “TRACK” in the little box beside. And midi import seems to pick up however the last opened project left that setting. So my solution of creating a tempo track was not necessary, though it was a solution to get a track-based tempo working.

Agree with your overall comment about ‘intuitive’ … though cubase is certainly not alone in counterintuitive programming. I’m beginning to hate the stupid top line menu bar that isn’t exactly a menu and doesn’t even color itself in correctly. You highlight what should be a menu name on windows (and you can’t get there with the windows standard alt+letter) and the highlight word is offset a bit from the underlying word.

Unfriendly? Not at all, dude. I have been trying to help him. I call that friendly.

Jeff - thanks for your help about Track/Fixed tempo. The project I used had the tempo track set to Fixed.
I changed it to Track - Method 2 (above) works.