importing midi (why does it create another track?)

I am brand new to Cubase.

In studio One I could grab midi from the right side and drag it into an instrument track. When I do the same thing in Cubase it creates another track above the one I am dragging it into. The midi goes on the correct track but I have to delete this other track it created every time.

I have spent a good amount of time going on youtube and reading about all the preference settings but I can’t stop it from creating this extra track that I do not want.

Hi and welcome,

This extra MIDI track is a Tempo track, in fact. Most of the MIDI Files contain (empty) Tempo Track. You cannot avoid it, if there is a Tempo Track in the MIDI File/Loop you import.

OK so I just have to delete it each time. Not a huge deal but sorta pain.

If this is something you plan on doing frequently then you might want to explore using the Project Logical Editor to delete these unneeded Tracks. That way you can drag midi in all day and then delete all the extra Tracks in one last step. Give it a Key Command if you like.

yeah cubase is drenched with strange unnecessary workflow killers like that