Importing MIDI

Cubasis team

I am having problems importing MIDI into Cubasis.
When I drag a file from the media bay to an empty project it creates two tracks instead of the expected one track.

I’ve attached an example.
Please note that the notes don’t start for a few bars.

Melody.mid (1.5 KB)

Can you explain why it produces two tracks?

And now for some background. Garageband on iOS lacks MIDI export and for many years people have tried different things to get projects to Cubasis and other DAWs. A free tool was released in December 2021 that finally made this possible. By dragging MIDI onto a ‘Midi track recorder’ instrument in Garageband, it is possible to then record within the MTR and save a track as MIDI. It is then this single track that I’m trying to import into Cubasis. It nearly works!
If I load it into AUM in Atom2 for example its just one track, its just Cubasis which is splitting the MIDI into two tracks.
If this could be fixed / understood then finally, after perhaps 10 years, MIDI export from Garageband into Cubasis is solved.

The attached midi-file contains note data on two separate midi-channels so I guess that is why Cubasis creates two tracks ‘ignoring’ the midi file-type setting. (It also contains a tempo-track, and song key information which are sadly not yet supported by Cubasis).

Current work-around is to copy & paste the events from one track to the other until we get improved midi-file support in Cubasis…

Ok thanks, so apologies this is not a Cubasis issue then if data is coming in on multiple midi channels.

I will get in touch with the MTR developer and ask why it is recording a single track to multiple channels.

Would be lovely to have ‘selective MIDI import’ in Cubasis, i.e. ignore program change, channel, cc, etc… like desktop daws provide.

I wonder if I can write something in Mozaic to clean it up using Atom2 as source and destination for the MIDI, then load it into Cubasis…

Oh and another feature that would solve this would be ‘merge MIDI tracks’ in Cubasis. Maybe it’ll come across from desktop Daws in the future!