Importing More Than One Video File Into Cubase


I’ve created a Music To Picture 5.1 Surround project file in Cubase 4 and would like to import multiple AVI video files into the project, but when I attempt to import a second video file I get an error message that a video file already exists. I want to create a composite video of three video files of me at my grand piano taken with three different video cameras, but this doesn’t appear possible with Cubase 4. My audio track is recorded in Cubase and I synch the audio and video up on the timeline. Is this possible with a later version of Cubase or Nuendo? If so, what are my upgrade needs?

Also, an export option doesn’t appear available for this same project file (i.e., video with audio file) in Cubase 4. What’s the pathway for exporting this file in Cubase 4?

Thanks, Eric

Hi and welcome,

Any Cubase version doesn’t support to import multiple video files. Only Nuendo can do this.