Importing multiple via_Efx & Group chanel setups

Hi All;

I want to import multiple Group channel setups with VST inserts, sends directory setups, and VCA, & eft channel setups well. Bought 35 channels in all.

If i can import said channels, then i just have to do some buss routing from the existing midi and audio channels.

I cant seem to find any thing in imports to do that.

so do i have to go to all 500 songs and manually insert all the changes.

Any ideas to help i would be glad to knowl

Hi and welcome,

I’m not sure I 100% understand your use case.

What about to do it the other way around?

  1. Make a template with all settings you want to add to the projects.
  2. Create a project from this template.
  3. Import the tracks and data from the original project(s) to this one and save it.

Sure you are right.
I know I can do that, and some other work rounds. If You send me just audio tracks, I can use that template and import the audio tracks, and start work.

In my case I have 500 tunes in variable states, of audio, midi, groups, Efx, and so on. some times 60 channels of this stuff goin on. live synths on most of the midi, and some program tracks, meaning audimation, routing so on and so forth.

All my work rounds would involve far to much time in set up. My normal templates & songs are set up much like Adrew Schepps channels in Pro Tools, and set up. And in his case, After receiving a song to be mixed, he imports his template channels into that pro tools session sent to him, and has a short roughing set up over the project.

(1 I think the only thing I can do is save Schepps channels set ups, with all routing, EQ, Inserts, Sends, per instrument channel, then the same on the Groups, VCA, Efx, and other Busses.
(2 Then open my Tune, Delete or change existing channel set ups. Changing to the saved channel set ups.

I know it is kind crazy involved, But what Andrew does there saves several hours of work before one can even start to mix, useing the existing song, importing his channel set ups. that by the way are around 40/ 50 over all tracks.

Thanks Martin,

Sorry i did not reply sooner i don’t know this system, and did not see your reply, i thought it would be on the forums.