Importing old project

I just upgraded to io9. I was trying to reimport an older project from Dropbox but when I click the export button in Dropbox cubasis does show up as an option.
I had exported this project several months ago for the purpose of having a backup. It is in a .cpr format. I cannot get it back. Please advise.


Gave dropbox 4.0 a short check with Cubasis 1.9.6 on iOS 9.
File transfers in both directions work as expected.

Please double check if you have the latest dropbox update in use.

Could it be required in your case also to make dropbox aware of Cubasis, by transferring a file from Cubasis to the dropbox app first?

If the problem persists, please let us have a detailed step-by-step description plus device info.


iPad 2. I know I’m still in the Stone Age
Dropbox 4.0

The file is a “.cpr” file which I believe would be the right file extension right?

While Dropbox I choose the file then touch the share button.
I choose “open app in” button
There are only two options to use for opening the file. Neither of which is cubasis. They are both text editors.

I go thru the same process with a zipped audio file, or an MP3 or wav and Cubasis shows up as an option. I have connection between Dropbox and Cubasis but the “.cpr” file is unavailable to transfer.

Note: after I backed the file up I had deleted it off my iPad for space for another project. I am now trying to go back in and reopen that project. Your help is most appreciated.

Hi cassadymac,

Please note that Cubasis projects have a “.cbp” ending (".cpr" belongs to Cubase project files).
This seems to be the reason why you are not able to import the project to Cubasis.


Did you originally backup the project to Dropbox using the Cubasis Share button? In this case, Cubasis creates a file, located (at least for me) at MyDropbox/Apps/Cubasis/. Selecting the zip, then Open In Cubasis should restore the project. (The contains the .cbp file and all audio)
Hope that works!

I sent it to Dropbox but then transferred it on to my Mac and external hard drive. It seems I remember trying to open it with Cubase 4 at one point. Could that be the problem? <> thanks Lars

As described above, Cubase projects (".cpr") cannot be loaded with Cubasis.
Cubasis projects have the file ending “.cbp”.