Importing PT session via OMF/AAF with automation

Trying to import a Pro Tools session into Nuendo 7.1 with fader automation. Any suggestions?

I’ve tried to apply fader automation to clip gain and make an AAF and OMF in Protools; embedded and non embedded the files… Nuendo will import the audio files and composition, but won’t import various fader levels, etc. Tried this with both Mac and PC versions of Nuendo.

I don’t think it’s possible natively.

I use AATranslate a lot for this - usually simple pan an volume automation will work.
If you need to convert a PT session to nuendo, you could provide me the session - i could transfer it using AATranslate into a Steinberg XML. just pm me…

Fader automation through AAF should work fine, no!?


It didn’t…tried to import as an AAF. Also tried to assign automation to clip gain in ProTools, and it didn’t work either. No key frames either way. DId the same process with OMF, had the same result: Tho there were key frames in the automation track, but no level changes.

Give us the respective DAW version numbers for reference. That might help in troubleshooting.

Nuendo 7.1.2/64bit

WIndows 7 64bit OS
24 gig RAM
Intel i7 12 core

Protools 12.5.2

Automation shourl port over, (if properly exported from PT), not sure about clip gain, because this isn’t part of the AAF specs.
Though Avid/PT has a long history of “adapting” protocols to their convenience.
So it might work.


Yes, Fredo…it is the ‘Avid’ way. Yar!

I am going to probably pull the trigger on AATranslate. I used it back in the Fairlight MFX days importing OMF 1 and 2 from Media Composers.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. The forum is great.