Importing QT video issues.

Cubase 9.5 sometimes won’t import certain QT videos, but others are fine. Is there something specific that QT movies now need to to be in order for C 9.5 to be able to play them back? I know almost nothing about video, I just use what the clients send me. I know there’s a new video engine, but I need to be able to read whatever my clients send, which is still almost always a QT movie and likely will be for a while. In the past I could important almost any video into Cubase without an issue. Now, some .mov movies will load in and other .mov movies won’t… I need to know know why that is and what I need from the videos in order for it to work. I work to video for almost all the work I do, so it’s essential that it always works.

Thanks for any help.

Ha.! never straightforward is it; I’ll get the popcorn on the go, watch how this one shapes up…!! :slight_smile:

If its any help/you’ve not seen it before:-

At the moment, for me MP4 (H.264) video material is working here (just no thumbnails in the video track - Video file - Missing Thumbnail Cache - Cubase - Steinberg Forums).

Good luck.!

Yes… This happens sometimes… When it does, I use a program called Any Video Converter to convert the problem file into a default Apple MP4 format… This has worked so far…

And yes… No thumbnails since the upgrade to 9