Importing samples into Individual tracks

Hey everyone, so I just moved from Fl Studio to Cubase elements and I’m having a bit of a struggle here.
What I want to do is to Load samples into Cubase (let’s say a Kick & a hat) and have separate midi track for each one, as well as mixer tracks. like in Fl studio when you just drop your sample in the step sequencer and open up the piano roll.
AAAND : NO, I dont want to use any kind of drum machine.

any help please ??

Not sure what you’re trying to do here; import samples to an audio track or use the sample to play from a MIDI track?

use a midi track to play samples.
I’ve already figured out how to load audio tracks, it works fine for loops and recordings but for single drums hits… :confused:
and I dont want to use the drum machine.

One way to do that would be to load the samples into Groove Agent and then play them from a MIDI track.

I’ve done that, Groove agent is a drum machine :stuck_out_tongue:
is it possible to have a different mixer track for each sample (pad) loaded in Groove agent ?

Drag each sample to the pad you want it to use. I can’t think of any other way to play a sample under MIDI control except by using a instrument (like Groove Agent) capable of playing samples when it receives MIDI note info. Ruling out using Groove Agent because it can also be used a drum machine seems a pity but, of course, it up to you.

I’m not against drum machines, they’re pretty convenient. but !
what I want to do is to process each sample on it own : let say I’ve loaded a Kick, a Hat and a Snar in drum agent, can I send each sample (pad) to a different mixer track and apply effects to it ?
your help is much appreciated, thanks

Yes, Groove Agent allows multiple outputs. What’s going where to be set in GA itself.

Make sure when you add GASE4, you add it to the RACK instruments not the TRACK instrument.
Then enable all the outputs you like to use. (16 max)
You will then be able to achieve your desired scenario.

Now, GASE4 also allows you to add fx internally.
Here’s a vidof Ondo walking you thorugh GASE4


@theRoyal1 : thx man I’ve figured that out, I was doing the same processe with Kontakt but forgot to enable the outputs for GAgent lol
it works fine now, thx for your help :smiley: