Importing .srt file (Profile) native to Mac into Win

Greetings and thanks for you attention,
I need help to solve this matter:
I have an .srt file native to a Mac workstation, supposed to be a Profile (used in the Profile Manager to import shortcuts, etc.), and I’d like to use it on my Windows laptop.
I’ve tried using the Profile Manager but it doesn’t work.
We are both running Nuendo 12 and this Mac to Win transfer seems to be the only reason why I’m writing this Post at all, so…
Any ideas, solutions or mighty witchcraft?

One problem might be that the file suffix is .srf, if your using search to find it on the Windows machine.

You don’t say what happens when you try to use the Profile Manager do this, so not much else to say until you reply

What suffix should the file be?
Anyway I just downloaded it and tried to import it to Nuendo 12 via Profile Manager and here’s what happens: I successfully import the .srt Profile into PM, then I try to activate it and I’m asked to restart Nuendo but nothing happens when I do (or when I restart the laptop). Other Profiles work without an itch but I’ve only tried duplicates of the default Profile so far.


I opened a ticket but it’s gonna take quite some time so I’m all ears for advices atm.