Importing Tempo Maps

I’m currently considering either getting Artist or the full blown Cubase Pro.

I’m a Pro Tools user mainly, but can no longer deal with the midi in this program.

I have used Logic off and on for years but just don’t like it, despite some great features.

I decided to give a quick look at Elements, just to see how the Cubase world looks and feels, and I think it’s great.

It’s clean like Pro Tools, super responsive (i’m talking about simple things like fast rewind and fast forward) and looks great to me.

I create tempo maps of existing songs (hit records) in Pro Tools, then if I have a lot of midi work to do I export the tempo map into Logic. Logic asks…“Do you want to import the tempo information?” …I say yes and am off and running.

What I am wondering is, if I create a template in Cubase of my favorite set up, will I be able to create a new project using that template, THEN import the tempo map from PT into this existing project without creating a new one? Just making sure because I know some DAWs have problems with this.



Yes, you can import Tempo map to an existing project.