importing tempo track - time signatures misaligned

Hi I try to import the tempo track from a session in cubase 9 to an empty project in cubase 9.5 and the time signatures on the ruler in the editor are misaligned. For instance the 3rd bar is in 5/4 but on the ruler it appears between the 2nd and 3rd bar and so on. The ruler is set to show bars and beats like the original project. One weird thing is when i switch to seconds and or timecode the time signaures snap to the vertical lines although they are still in the wrong place. The metronome plays correctly though - meaning it follows the changes set by the measures and vertical lines, it is just that the time signature information is all over the place. I remember i had the same issue when trying to import tempo tracks from one project in cubase 9 to another in the same version of cubase 9. Is there an option I’m forgetting about?

I have this exact problem. Guess nobody’s interested but us.
I checked a Gearslutz comment about mismatched Project frequencies…but that wasn’t it. I’m carefully matching everything on export of the Map. Still imports wrong.


This bug is still present in Cubase Pro 10.0.15.
This feature becomes important when you want to transfer an old project, with complex signature and tempo tracks, into a new template.
It’s very time consuming and frustrating to insert all the hundreds of tempo changes and signatures into the new project manually.
But since this “Tempo Track” import and export functions do not work correctly there is no other way.
I’m also surprised that not many users seem to be needing this important function.

Yes I noticed it doesn’t work today trying to import tempo and time signatures. There is a work around however. After you import the tempo track (you now have misaligned time signatur info). So open up both the old and new projects at same time and then just copy and past the signature track info over to the new project. So, 1st make sure your project curser is at the beginning of the track -the far left- Then highlight all the signature makers, go Edit: Copy. Then go to the signature track in new project and Edit: Paste. It will line right up.

Hi McBass, I’ve just tried your workaround but it didn’t work for me. The result is still the same as importing *.smt.

Here’s a screenshot of the source and destination project windows:

Hum, should work. It did for me. Can you describe how you went about it? I erased all markers in destination project first. Then highlighted all makers in source, copied, then pasted in destination track. Remember your project curser needs to be at zero time (far left) to paste correctly.

Just thought of something else…when you import tempo track over an old project it will create a new track version on tempo and signature tracks. So check that the proper copied signature markers are not hidden in another track version. Hope this makes sense. I went ahead and deleted the old unneeded track versions for the tempo and signature tracks.

Yes, you are correct, the newly imported *.smt always creates a new track version. But I always delete the old one or make sure that the new one is active. So that doesn’t seem to be the problem.
Did you check out my screenshot? In that test I’ve deleted all previous versions in both the source and destination projects. Still time signatures are misaligned and can not be aligned later on manually as Cubase insists that they are in the right spot which they are obviously not.
By the way, are you using any custom created Click Patterns?
I really was excited that you’ve found a workaround.
Well, ir seems we’re still not there yet.
Maybe someone from Steinberg will chime in and give us a hint of what’s going on here.

That is really strange because it worked for me. Maybe different conditions in my project? Have not messed with click patterns…would just use a drum sampler like addictive drums in my workflow. I am not a huge midi guy, maybe just 20-30% of a project like drum sample, and keyboard parts. The rest is live recording. But really love the way cubase can detect tempo from a live performance (could use some refinement for sure), then I can either keep the live feel or tighten up the timing and/or tempo. Really good for fleshing out demos, and trying out different tempos or combining takes that were played at different tempos, especially. Although I wish the timestreching worked as well and sounded as good as Studio One does. I just have trouble getting around that software.

Oh and yes, I looked at your screenshot. My import looked the same …all messed up, which led me to try the manual copy, paste thing. Again not sure why it worked for me and not you? Maybe I had a much simpler signature track. Although it must have at least 50 time change markers…a lot of 3/4, 3/4, 2/4 type stuff.

It does not work here even with a simpler signature track.

OK I think I figured it out. After copying the signatures, don’t use the regular paste. Use Functions/ Paste at Origin. It works for me even when the regular paste doesn’t. Hope this works for you all…