Importing to tracks contained in Folders

I have 57 views to my post in the General section regarding this issue with no responses, so I’m assuming it’s not a feature in Cubase 9.5. I imported the audio shown in the attachment via: File> Import> Audio File to my Project Template which has several Folders containing tracks. As you can see on the attachment, track “Jay” (which is not in a folder) was imported onto it’s corresponding track, but instead of tracks HH1 thru HH9 importing to the their corresponding tracks, Cubase created new tracks at the bottom of the project and sent tracks HH1 thru HH9 down to the bottom of the project and imported them onto those newly created tracks. It would be nice if Cubase imported to the next available track instead of creating new tracks down at the bottom and importing to those. Steinberg : Is this something that can be implemented with a future release ? Thanks, Steve

Cubase 9.5.3
Windows 7 Pro


At all times Cubase should add or import new tracks below the currently selected track… or at least an option in preferences for that behavour. There is no use case for adding tracks right down at the bottom of a project underneath the FX channels , Group Channels and VST returns channels