Importing track archive in cubase SX3 not working


I’m a registered user of cubase 6.5. I had to bring my tracks created in cubase 6.5 to a studio for mixing. Sadly that studio is still in Cubase SX 3. When I export my tracks as an archive, importing them in Cubase SX 3 doesn’t playback the sound of these tracks. I must manually create new stereo/mono tracks and move the imported audio events into the newly created empty tracks. Then it playbacks the sound.

I know that I must only export complete tracks from 0 bar till end as a single wave file each tracks and then import them as wave file in SX3. But its very heavy in size. Because some parts of the tracks are very less. Like for example flutes are being recorded only in one part of the song, and some effects only in one part, maybe few seconds.

Any help could be great as how to export archives that Cubase SX 3 could open and play. I don’t have license for SX 3 to try.

anil nc

Your 6.5 license will allow you to use SX3 as well.

But the sx 3 I got from FTP steinberg website is not installing. It stops while installing ‘C:\Windows\Fonts\Stenn____.ttf’

Tried to re download and re installing in Xp compatibility mode as well. But same problem.

Any help or suggestions please.

Finally I saw in knowledge base what to do if the installation stops while installing (or copying) “stenn___.ttf”[productfamily]=2

According to the above link, I started windows in safe mode and installed. Then its working fine.

But the problem of importing track archive is there. The tracks I import using track achive are not recognised in cubase sx3. It doesn’t have stereo or mono indication, panning is disabled. Only I can see the wave image no sound. According to wave image I should create stereo or mono track depending on the wave image of each track. Then move the audio events to the new track and its working.

Why is it not recognising?

Are you trying to import the whole CPR file from Cubase 6 to SX3 or just the audio tracks? I believe that the songs are only forward compatible, not backward compatible. If you import a song created in a previous Cubase version into Cubase 6 and then try to save it, a warning will appear saying that if you save it, it will no longer play in the previous version and will give you the option of renaming it to make a separate copy.
I’ve been successful to import the old VST 5 song version into SL3 so I can export it as a .CPR file so it will run in Cubase Studio 5. The problem is, the tracks will work but will have the same features as the VST 5 version so I can’t use any of the upgraded CS5 track features unless I create new tracks and move the waves to them. I believe you are experiencing the same problem but in reverse, not only losing track features but compatibility as well.

No I am not telling about CPR. I’m aware of the CPR compatibility. But as you got with tracks, for me its the track archive ans not normal tracks. If I import track in wave format which was exported via Cubase 6, they are successfully imported and playable in sx3. But if I export track archive in Cubase 6 and import them in cubase sx3, the got imported and visually I can see the wave event but no sound playable. I should create new track and move them to hear the sound.

What is the difference between exporting wave tracks and exporting archive tracks?

Exporting wave tracks will export single mono/stereo files starting and ending from left to right locator, which is normal. And you can export as many tracks individually as your project needs. Then importing them, you’ll see all tracks having same length.

Exporting track archive exports a single XML file which holds the details of all the wave tracks available in the project and copies them into a folder. Importing them into a new projects opens the tracks in same way it was in the original project.

Why I export archive? Because if I must export 30-50 individual tracks of full length, it occupies more space. As most of the tracks are only in some parts for few seconds in the project, which is not required to export them from beginning to end of the project. Hence I preferred to export archive tracks.