Importing Track archive moves entire session?

Hi, I haven’t been able to find any information on this. What I am trying to do is save a bunch of tracks and their settings from one project into another. The problem is when I use Track Archive Export/Import, if the tracks had a timecode that was before the current timecode in my current project, it moves EVERYTHING in the project later.

Is there a way to make this not happen so that when I import a track archive it keeps everything in current project where it is?


Ensure everything is using Bars and Beats timeline and all are using Musical tempo.

yes, everything is in Musical mode. the issue is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to tell Cubase to ignore the timecode of the track archive being imported. If the project has a timecode of 1:30:00:00 and the archive being imported had a timecode of 1:15:00:00, then everything in the current session will be moved 15 mins later in the project. Conversely if the archive has timecode later than the current project, then it’s contents will be placed way later in the session.

What I’m trying to do is take tracks (audio midi and instrument) from an earlier cue and use them in a cue later in a film as a starting point for a theme or sound. It would be nice not to have to recreate everything from scratch each time I wanted to reuse certain tracks.

Ideally if regions on certain tracks started at bar 3 in a project, I’d like to just be able to import them into another project and have all of the information start at bar 3 alongside any regions/tracks that were already in the project.

I figured track archive export/import was the way to do this, but it is proving difficult to work with. Any suggestions?

Yes, if there is any kind of bar offset, then it is pretty much a screw up. I suggest that you make sure you save the Archive again using non offsets and the same timecode. Unless there is something that I’m doing wrong as well…


Bummer. I guess I’m curious as to the design choice here. Why you would EVER want to have a block of imported tracks change the timecode and move everything in your current project? It also moves your current information off the grid if your tempo doesn’t happen to be 60 or 120.

Is there another way to get a block of tracks into a project without having to save a track preset and then copy the regions over for each track individually?

With 20 tracks I’m wanting to move between projects, this chews up a lot of time when you do it over the course of 10 or so cues. Cubase is so sophisticated 90% percent of the time. Then you run into head scratchers like this, lol.