Importing track settings from another project???

… WITHOUT loading up that project?

Is this possible? There’s some type of function in Pro Tools for this, just curious if one exists in Cubase 8.5? Holy crap would that be a timesaver. I’m almost afraid to post this as I fear it might be a dumb question :blush:

There’s the new import tracks from project feature…not perfect but it’s a start.


Yes, you can import tracks from another project, without loading up the project.

In fact, there are two options:
A) You can load the whole track to the new track. This means, you will get the settings of the track + all data of the track.
B) You can load the whole track to already existing track. This means, you will load just the data of the track, and you will use the settings of the existing track. The data of the existing track are not lost. A new TrackVersion is created for the loaded data.

ok i’ll give this a try!