Importing Tracks From Project is a xxxxxx mess

a BLOODY mess… WTF!
How do you import data/settings only (no audio files) onto tracks/groups (same names) from one project to the next without loosing my routing and sends?
Let’s say we are mixing an album.

I have not yet found a way to retain routing and sends (especially on groups). Is this possible? Or do I have to know a workaround (steinberg has a few of those)?

Or do I have to still use the old “Save/Load Mixer Settings” method? This is working… IF, if you retain the exact same number of tracks… in the exact same order. Across all tracks and groups this can be a real hazzle.

PS. For my latest album-/ep-projects I have mixed the first song to the status of deciding the effects and routing etc etc… to the point where it made sense to make a template (for that particular project) before moving onto the next song… All good
But it doesn’t always work out that way.

I’m all open for suggestions and tips on how to do this the easiest way.

PS. I have used Cubase and Nuendo for 25+ years, so I know a thing or two about it… and I know the hard way to do this… I just expected the “Import Track Data” thingy to be a bit more streamlined when reaching Cubase 12???

If your send bus has the same name in both projects, then it should be retained on the import of the track.

Does it also do the sends on Group Tracks correctly? If so, something else happened here… And yes, my send busses has the same name in both projects. Hmmm?

Any tip for the missing routing?
Thanks in advance

PS. Mind you, I’m only doing testing on a test project in C12… So no work or anything lost :wink:

“same names” isn’t the only one condition

Send tracks also need to have the same order of the origin project, and also the same “order of creation”

i.e. The projects must be twin

So in other words, there’s plenty of room for improvements. :slight_smile:

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I must test this further. Maybe coincidence but it’s almost been seamless enough for me to not have to look too deep into it before.

lol indeed

I hope for the folders synced to outputs since ages: you move a track in a folder and it changes group output accordingly

I think that many many cubasers would love this

Why does this “wonky” working feature don’t get more complaints I don’t know…

Are there seriously not more people needing this to work much better than it does today?

Anyway… Are there any with more tips on how to do the best of it?

I use this all the time and never have a problem with it. But based on comments here that might be because of how I’ve got things setup to start with.

A few years ago I stopped using Track Presets for Instrument Tracks and switched to keeping my ‘Instrument Presets’ as Tracks in a Project and then using Import Tracks From Project to use them in a Project. The main reason I switched was because Track Presets don’t store any Routing but Import can retain a Track’s Routing. So when I Import a Track it always integrates seamlessly into the new Project.

Key to it always working is that all my Projects are built on a very standardized Group bussing structure. Up until about 5 years ago I used a bussing structure that covered my needs about 80% of the time. And when it didn’t, I’d just add some Groups as needed to make it work (seems like simply adding Group Tracks could cause some of the Import problems described above). Then I built a new bussing structure that is much larger and can pretty much handle any routing configuration needed. Most of the Group Tracks are not visible in the MixConsole (until needed), but there is a fixed structure that is always present. So any Tracks I Import from a Project are going find exactly the same Busses in the source & destination Projects.

I don’t think this is correct. I’m successfully Importing Tracks from a wide variety of sources where the only thing in common is the bussing structure.


This how I have worked and used my template for years. All Groups close to fixed… I stumbled upon this when trying to build a new template in C12.
I am late to the C12 party because I have been working on two large projects which I wanted to finish in C11.
When I finish my new template it will use the same Group structure and routing for every project there after… and it may work better

PS. I just tried to import ALL audio tracks and Groups and FX-tracks into an empty project (with my mixer configs, color and menu settings etc built in, from my old template)… This way it worked.
But not when importing just the groups. Then the groups lost their routing… hmmm?

Anyway, I will do some more testing until my new template is made

PS. I have never used Track Presets btw… that IS wonky :wink:

But what happens when you just want to import the settings (Inserts, sends etc) to group tracks from another project? To groups with matching names that is…
I opened a new project from a template, adjusted some Group faders (for visual cues)… and imported the group settings from the very same template it was built upon… Guess what? The same groups lost their routing… which again led to all Audio tracks routed to these groups also lost their routing.

If only importing data/settings for audio tracks (routed to the same groups) it seemed to keep their routing. Hmmm?

If only importing tracks as new tracks or groups as new groups they may or may not keep their routing info… Nah something fishy is going on :frowning:

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Dear @Carvin_Man I did a couple of quick tests right now, because I can say that I have exactly your work flow about managing projects, templates and tracks :slight_smile: i could’ve been writing your post myself [including the long experience with Cubase]

Anyhow, I tried to import my bussing structure in an empty project, and I can say:

When I import the groups which are routed [by sends] to groups that are already in the project everything works fine, the sends are correctly routed [as stated, same names, same positions]

I virtually cloned my template in an empty project, and the routings seem to be correct this way

But if I change the names of the groups I already have in the project before importing more groups the routings got messed up

It seems to me that the groups routing [by sends] need the groups to have same names

Sorry for my bad English, anyhow I will be following your thread as it’s something I am interested too.

This is true - the names need to 100% match. But I believe it works the same for any routing, not just those using sends.

Yes :slight_smile:
we were talking about sends

This is a great subject, track import and presets and the ol’ track settings.

I found using track presets useful for when you want to try different track settings when mixing. Say you mess around with the settings and think you can get a better sound, you can reset back quickly and try again. But as far as I know, track presets leaves your existing sends preserved and doesn’t load new ones either and pretty much disregards any send settings all together.

Now track settings, for me, works most of the time when copying over to different projects and with keeping the sends intact. But sometimes I have to play around with it for larger pastes. I find it’s a lot of bookwork to get it right for larger projects and keeping the track to track matched.

So yeah lately I’ve been turning to Import from project. Still there are issues.

I would like to try that large template idea but I already find myself trying to squeeze every last cpu cycle I can get by disabling whatever I can find not being used. I’m thinking having a large template is going to drag me down into the dirt before long so I never went there.

While I might add new groups, I NEVER change my excisting Group names.
In my last test, the sends were retained… But not the groups routing/outputs.

My problem is importing mixer settings across my Groups from one project (or from a template) to the next… even though the groups are exactly the same, with the exact same names AND the exact same routing to begin with…

Hey…that might be worthy of a YouTube tutorial? Earn some side cash? :wink:

I don’t think I have seen any tutorial addressing this like you just suggested.

My Import Tracks From Project is always limited to tracks with no sends or groups. If I want sends I always use Import Track Presets or as mentioned above by the OP the very strict and particular Save selected/Load selected

How much are you paying?

I am now working on “my own workaround” towards the easiest way to import settings from one project to the next.
I am not yet sure how to explain it properly in written form… but I will come back later when I have sorted it out to the point of sharing.

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Assuming a 3-5 minute video, how about 4 complete views assuming you don’t have more than a 2 second opener, and spend more than 5 seconds begging for likes. Deal?

I would love to know about it when your ready. IMO, a lot of these different methods are evolutionary since SX, and it becomes a bit confusing over time when to use which method.