Importing used instrument tracks from one pc to another

Hy guys,

I had cubase 4 on one pc… and now upgraded to cubase 7 on another pc. I would like to transfer my user instrument tracks on the new pc but cant seem to find these in the steinberg cubase folder.

any help please?

and what instrument would you be talking about ?

any instrument… for example i had presets saved in sylenth and want these on my new cubase on my new pc.

Or even instrument tracks that have the vst and effects loaded on the channel… how can i bring these track presets on the other pc? where are these presets stored so i can carry them to the new system?


apps >data>roaming >steinberg>presets or something like that im not on a daw to find the proper path but thats close lol .If the instruments or fx’s were earlier that vst 2.4 there is a chance that the fx will not be included in c7 so may not load