Importing Video to Cubase Elements 10.5.2

Looked this up in the User Manual, and importing video to Cubase elements appears to be simple. I am attempting to place an .mp4 video on a video track in my arrangement screen. I click Import, then the Video File button, then search and find my desired .mp4 file, double-click that - and nothing happens. User manual says that when you do what I outlined above, Elements pulls the file and creates a track for it; that does not happen. If I go into the Project pulldown, and Add a video track, then try the Import Video routine as above, still no result. Another User Manual suggestion was to locate the vid file and click-drag it to the arrangement window…still nuthin’! What might I be missing here!?

Hi and welcome,

Please read through Video support in Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab and Dorico article.