Importing Video To Cubase

Hi I’m having a problem importing videos. When I go to File > Import> Import Video File it gives me the error message “quicktime cannot be initialized. If you want play back video, please make sure it is installed in your system”. The problem is that the latest version of quicktime was just installed on my computer. Also, when I try to import the video anyway it says that the file (.mp4) is no supported even though I can play it through quicktime. I’m not sure if the second problem is just because of the first, but I thought I’d mention it.

Same problem but, I did not install QuickTime as Apple’s latest Windows version 7.6 was released in 2009 and they no longer support it for Windows! That’s represents a huge security risks. Surely, Cubase 8.5 developers are not making their product depend on an obsolete 3rd party software! Or are they?

There is at least a 7.7.9 version, Apple does not update their site where the old 7.6 still is listed.
Uninstall QuickTime, and try with iTunes that comes with the newer QuickTime version.
Works well on Windows 10, the security problems are still there.
A new video engine is being worked on.
Steinberg has this on their site that may be helpful:

Thanks for the Info Peakae. I’ll try to use the advice and instructions given by your Steinberg link. Also, I’m using Win7-64 Pro w/iTunes. Not sure if this version of iTunes has QT in it. It will play movies, not sure if it will allow Cub 8.5 to load video. But I’ll give it a try.