Importing VST Instrument and Channels into a Project

Is there any way to import say a drum kit mix made with Halion going into 8 channels routed to a group from one project to another?

I suspect that this may involve loading the rack instrument, giving it the required no. of outputs and then loading the program into the instrument.

However, the time consuming bit that I always seem to be repeating is setting up the mixer channels. When I try selecting them and exporting I get a message saying that the selected type of tracks cannot be exported.

Any tips to improve this workflow would be most welcome!



You cal load a tracks from other project since Cubase 8.5. If you will load all related tracks/channels, even the routing will be taken with.

Exporting and importing tracks works fine for audio tracks, audio channels, group channels, midi tracks, and fx channels, but I can’t see how to export an instrument and all of its associated instrument channels.

Even if the instrument had to be loaded into the rack, assigned its outputs, then loaded with a multi program, it would be extremely useful to be able to replace the instrument channel settings with those from another project.

You can import Instrument Tracks as well.

Aha! Exporting Track Instrument tracks work too.

So it’s just the Rack Instrument Channels with multiple outputs that I’m struggling with.

As a workaround if I split my drums into a stereo instrument track for each output required I could export the whole kit as multiple instrument tracks at the cost of loading say 8 instances of the instrument on import. That would be worth the wait to be able to pull up a known good kit mix with all the inserts and send to the previously imported fx. It even allows VCA faders.

good stuff - Thanks!

With the Instrument tracks you can import even the multi-channel output configuration with all Outputs and settings.

Jsut use Instrument Tracks instead of Instrument Racks. :wink:

For some reason I’d always understood that Instrument Tracks were only stereo. - Has this always been the case or was it something that was updated after the introduction of Instrument Tracks?

Now I’ll be able to create some standard drum kits and just pull them into projects when required. This is great stuff, thanks again :slight_smile:

This is new since Cubase 8, if I’m right.