Importing Wav Files Problem


I wish to send my wav files to a mixing engineer.

I have my separate wav files for the composition and I can import them into Cubase to make sure that they will be running in sync and that there will be no audio issues on the mixing engineers DAW (Pro-Tools).
These wav files are both available in my ‘Pool’ and from an Export of the individual track files that I made separately.

However, when I import my wav files to see if all is well, they have lost all my rough mixing (levels/plugins/automations etc.) and the levels have automatically reset to 0 dbs.

This is wonderful for a mixing engineer as it takes away anything I’ve done but the engineer in question would like to hear my rough mix as a sample of my ‘take’ on the track. Also the levels clip as they stand (at 0 dbs.) so they need to be reduced a little prior to me sending my track.

I’d like to know if there is a way to import these files and have them retain any pre-mix work that I’ve done.

Many Thanks


In the Pool, there is the rough data. If you want to export it, use Batch Export from Audio Mixdown window. Or you can export AAF/OMF.

Thanks a lot for your advice,

I have no problem exporting these files but I’ve come to realise that, when one then chooses to re-import that same exported wav file, Cubase automatically resets all mixing levels to 0 dbs. (and removes any plugins).

This, I am told by my mixing engineer, is so that anyone who imports the file can have a default setting with which to work with (a blank canvas). The only way somebody can (including me) view my mix info is if they too have Cubase and then they can load up the original data save of the actual project in progress (and not an audio mixdown wav file).

I only mention this extra information in case anybody has a similar query and in the hope that this info may enlighten them (being a complete newbie at this I still have a lot to learn about my DAW!).

Many thanks


How did you “Export” it, please?

When you use the Batch Export in the Audio Mixdown window, you get the signal with the Inserts and Channel Strip effects.

Do you send it to the Groups?

I would say, it’s not in the Import side. How do you know, it’s exported with the “mixing”? Can you import it to other DAW with the volumes?