Importing wav files


I’m not able to import the wav files from my Zoom 4Hn recorder to my Cubase project. It just says “invalid file”.
Is there different types of wav files, and Cubase dont support all of them…? I can import the files in Pro Tools.


Cubase 6.0.0
Digidesign Mbox 2
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

Yes, there are different types of .wav even though not very common. I actually got sent to me a .wav containing compressed audio once, cubase didn’t know what to do so I played it with media player and recorded it via the loopback of my soundcard. Whats the recording format settings on the zoom?


The recording settings from the Zoom is: 48kHz, 16 bit, wav. My Cubase project use the same settings. I don’t see anymore spesific info about the settings in the recorder.

I thought these wav files was pretty standard, and a little bit surprised Cubase can’t import them? I tried to import them in Adobe Audition too, and no problems there. Even Premiere Pro (video software) can import them. But not in Cubase.

If i import them in another program, and then export them to a wav file again, it works perfectly fine in Cubase though.

The Zoom probably adds some extra info into the .wav header that Cubase can’t understand. Since other programs open it fine I suggest you contact Steinberg directly so they can add support for it. Zoom devices after all are quite common. Until then, check to see if there’s some extra settings you can make in the device regarding the format.


Try importing it again with Adobe Audition then “save as” a “wav” again under a new name. It should then work for you. Let me know how you make out.


Yep, it workes fine if I import the files in another program and “save as” / “wav” with a new name, and then import them to Cubase again. It’s just a cumbersome workaround when there’s lots of files.

Thanks for the replies