Importing WAVE files

I purchased a trailer FX package and it downloaded everything sound in individual WAVE FILES. But when I go to import one I can’t locate it through Cubase. But I can find and play then on my computer.
How can I get them into my project

Are you sure they have the extension .wav? Cubase can definitely import wav files. Do you have a filter when importing so it is looking only for mp3? You should be able to drag and drop as well. If this fails it sounds like the files are not actually .wav. Are they zipped up?

They were in a zip file yes. But I unzipped them. I set the search to look for all file types, and I can see the folder. But when I open the folder it’s blank.

What happens if you use windows explorer to find the files and drag and drop from there into Cubase?

I drag a :no_entry_sign: symbol the whole time

They can’t be .wav files as Cubase opens wav files ok. Can you play them in windows media player or any media player?

Yes I can.
Here is what the company told me when I asked on there Facebook page:
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Tony McKee
How do you load these into your DAW? Kontakt? I downloaded the trailer plug ins but can’t load them.
Hey there, those are wave files only. It does not include a Kontakt instrument. Cheers




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