Importing xml with proper instruments

What is the key to importing an XML file with proper instrument selections.? I imported a file today as I always do and all the instruments were set to play Yamaha Piano. This was a score for choir and brass and organ and percussion. I have imported other files and they have come in with appropriate instrument selections. Thank you.

It seems to depend on which other software you used to generate the xml originally, and what that software was able to encode in it’s xml export. There are also xml import settings within dorico (preferences > MusicXML import).

I almost never directly import xml to an existing project, especially things with percussion. What I do, is open my “host” file that is ready to go with all the instruments setup that I know I need for the “donor” xml file. Then, I drag the xml file onto the dorico window, which opens the xml file as a new project. Then I open both side-by-side, go through and copy the staves to their correct instruments, fixing any issues as I see them. If it’s a larger score, I’ll also have that in front of me physically, or on a tablet. so I can reference what the actual printed score looks like. Not the most time effective solution, but alleviates some of the pain with not getting good imports.

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