Importing XML

Hi, I’m having some trouble importing an xml file. I’ve attached a screen shot to show what happens: the rests disappear, and the stems are joined between the staves of the piano part. I’ve tried inputting the rests, which strangely results in removing the note in the left hand, and I’ve tried select all, Edit, Reset Appearance, which doesn’t seem to have any effect. Is there anything you would suggest I try before I crack on and input manually?

select all
right click
reset beaming

worth a try

Try clicking on the first note of the voice part and make sure that “Starts Voice” is not checked in the properties (bottom) panel. If it is, then turn it off and the bar rests should be visible.

It has offered me a different take on the same problem.

But the start voice toggle was on, so progress there, thank you.
Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 16.51.19.png

I suggest that you make sure that the notes in one of the piano staves are not cross staff ones. Try selecting all of the notes in the piano part, right click, then go to Cross Staff>Reset to Original Staff.

Kenneth’s almost definitely right.
However, resetting cross-staff notation to put notes back on their original staves only does half the job - it’ll just give you all the piano chords on ONE stave.

My advice is:

  1. Do what Kenneth says. Make a note of which stave the notes all jump to. I’m going to assume treble in the following instructions.
  2. Ctrl/Cmd-Z to undo what Kenneth’s suggested.
  3. Select everything on the bass staff (either by drawing a marquee selection or by clicking the first note, holding Shift and then clicking the last note)
  4. Type N. You should see everything from the bass stave jump to the treble stave but remain selected.
  5. Ctrl/Cmd-X to cut.
  6. Put the caret in place to start note entry in the bass staff.
  7. Ctrl/Cmd-V to paste.

If I was wrong about all the notes originating in the treble stave then swap my basses for trebles and my trebles for basses.

This took 5 minutes to write, but takes about 5 seconds to do. Good luck!