impossibility of managing the tracks in the mixconsoles !

I try to make a complete mix in Cubase 10.5., a bigger and more important mix for me than usual. But the impossibility of managing the tracks in the mixconsoles (you can have 3, but it is useless from this point of view!) is a difficult wall to cross. If you want to clear or move a track, a folder, and move groups or effects, etc., you have to open it in the editor (while the editor is set up for … edit!, not to mix as such)… Am I dreaming or missing a chapter of the manual? No way. In addition, you can’t even scroll with the mouse in the mixconsoles. I can’t believe it. Steinberg, please, you’re very advanced in many functions, but why this blockage, this incredible delay?

Context: I’m still in a mix in Cubase. The instrument and voice tracks are visible in the editor. In the console mix, there are all AUX and Groups. Everything is set for work, plug-ins, windows, automation of instrument tracks (audio) and plug-ins. Suddenly, I decide to add an AUX. Right click in the Console Mix, adding an effect. Everything is fine, but I also have to move it among the AUX. Nothing goes right in the Mixconsole. You have to show the new track in the editor, in addition to your girlfriends, in order to choose its exact location. What a waste of time! I do not understand that a professional software, arrived at its version 10.5, is still so stupidly behind on such a basic function. Incredible… !

Visibility Configs are your friend for navigating MixConsole (especially with an MCU controller)

I know very well, it’s not that. I’m talking about moving the tracks directly into the Mixconsole.

The simple solution is to organize your tracks before you are working in the MixConsole.

I never have a need to move tracks in the MixConsole, I’m very organized.

I would have hoped for a reasonable answer, but okay. You should be giving classes to all the major studios and engineers in the world. I work with people who record great orchestras and win awards. And, even if templates are provided, we adjust the structure along the way, because mixing is an art, and every good work is unique and requires unexpected adjustments.

By the way, all Cubendo’s competitors offer this feature. Why is that? For nothing, I guess.

Probably because much of the competition doesn’t have folder tracks like Cubase (depending on what competition you’re talking about). I know ProTools only recently got folder tracks (or so I heard), and I haven’t checked that out yet, so I haven’t seen how it’s implemented.

I get it as a feature suggestion, I just don’t get why the dire need for it. I just keep everything organized in the Project View which is better anyways as you can see where the folders are in relation to the tracks they contain and I never find myself in a situation where I’m thinking “damn, wish I could just move this in the Mixer”

It’s not from where I would manage tracks. Typically I also want to look at the data on the track as well to be able to have a sense on how to organize it.

My other guess, is that this always requires development and integration on the Nuage hardware side of things, and updating and integrating into Nuage is maybe more challenging than just updating the DAW.

I think there are different ways of working. Pro Tools users, who are the majority of professionals, use this feature (when needed). I understand that there are other avenues (and other professionals), even if your method doesn’t give me what I want. What I don’t understand is why Steinberg is late to offer this feature that is still useful for many. The question was also in his own survey. So, Steinberg has demands.

This has been a request for at least 10 years. It takes me exactly ONE second to go from mix to arrange and move tracks. Logic doesn’t have this feature either BTW unless I’ve missed it. StudioOne just got this feature not long ago. This is NOT a be all end all feature. How long did it take for FOLDER tracks to show up in ProTools? YEARS. Im guessing this will show up in C11

I’m not waging a Cubase vs Pro tools war. I prefer Cubase today very clearly, and I hate the policies of Avid, actually very slow in software development (in addition to having excessive prices). But Cubase should have this function. As also the gain clip ( It is strange as a delay, when its console is very developed. But I swear it is coming. Why ? Because it’s reasonable, even if you can live without it (in fact, I can live without half the functions of Cubase: but I’m glad they exist for those who use them).

  1. We should be able to move tracks in the mixer. AGREED
  2. They should just copy Clip Gain from Protools. We have Clip Gain just not as fluid as ProTools. AGREED
  3. They should copy the audio editing that all Protools users rave about and Protools would take a dive. That is what StudioOne is doing and are being successful
  4. I don’t use HALF the crazy features in Cubase and have no need. AGREED
  5. You couldn’t pay me to use AVID anything at this point. Extortionist criminals