Impossibility to record on CUBASE LE 9,5

I’m using Windows 10 and a TASCAM 4x4 with Cubase LE AI 9,5. I can reproduce midi with software instruments, I supose every thing is connected OK, but I can’t record audio, well in matter of fact, I can hear parts of what I recorded like a loose connection ( something, nothing, something, nothing) the indicator led on the TASCAM shows that something comes in, the green input strips in the down right corner of CUBASE, shows that something is coming in, but nothing shows on the track (record button lighting red) green strip. And the result: Almost nothing, if, is recorded.
Can someone help me?
Thank you!

It sounds like you might have an “overactive” gate type effect in your signal chain. Are you monitoring the track while recording? What does the waveform look like?

You’re welcome.