impossible multiple software Connection with UR22 MK2

Hello All,

I’m new in the MAO world and a french speaker so please be patient :wink:

I’m trying to open kontakt session with my UR22 MK2 sound card. In the same time, I would like to open a cubase session with the same sound card but cubase say it’s impossible to find the sound card :open_mouth:
So i shut down kontakt session and now my sound card UR22 is available.

Is it normal that i can’t use my sound card to open some different software in the same time? It seams that i have to choose one software at a time…

i saw youtube explanations on how to setup kontakt in cubase and they don’t have any problem to jump from a software to an other…

Thanks for your help guys


Yes it’s not unusual, I think it has to do with the drivers you use. Basically in some cases applications are allowed to take exclusive control of your audio device so other software can’t use it.

Either disable that in Cubase/Windows, or you’d need to use some other drivers I guess.

Make sure that the settings for you sound card is configured to NOT allow an application to take exclusive control.
(Control Panel - Sound - Properties for your sound card - Advanced tab)

or use Kontakt inside of Cubase as an instrument plugin
then Cubase has exclusive control about the soundcard