Impossible to contact support

Three weeks ago I raised an issue (ticket ID 112816) - Unable to remix a clients project as Cubase audio playback no longer corresponds to the visual information in the arrangement window. Audio only plays if the cycle mode is selected, and then, as an example - visually the audio events all start at bar 3, but on the timeline, the actual “heard” audio track begins at bar 46 and ends one cycle later at bar 43!! Impossible to do any edits. If cycle mode is deselected I hear no audio whatsoever. Support helpline (+49 40 299 962740) has been constantly engaged for past three days and my client is understandably losing patience.
This is not a latency issue (have checked ASIO driver of Focusrite 18i20 is selected) and there are no “markers” that have been set throughout the project. Everything was working fine, and then overnight all projects are the same. To the best of my knowledge/sanity I haven’t changed any settings.

New projects are now suffering too - eg - selecting samples from mediabay and trying to audition them results in the sample visibly playing/looping but no sound!! Like I said, up until 24/05/everything had been working fine and I am not what I would consider a novice - (using Cubase since SX3)

I have been patient with the non response to the ticket ID, but the level of customer service for what is supposed to be a respected company is appaling.
Hopefully a friendly soul on here can point me in a direction where normality can be returned to, as it appears Steinberg don’t care? Apprecaite any help/ideas

Thanks in advance

Try running Cubase in safe start mode:

Thanks Romantique TP - Tried that safe start mode - still have identical problem which is infuriating. Any ideas on how to actually get Steinberg to respond? I’m asking myself why would anyone pay top dollar for such a poor customer service?