Impossible to create routings like in Bitwig,Live,FL

Impossible to create routings like in Bitwig,Live,FL

There is just no way

And no 500 midi&vstchannels with messed pdc does not work for something u can do with 1 mouseclick( on one channel ) in a refined daw

Try creating simple modern mix with gated snareverb in cubase

1 Snare source
2 Snare reverb + sidechain via midi-or-audio from Snare source & a gate modulated via midi from Snare source + EQ
3 Snare group with EQ/Other FX > sidechained via midi from kick

Cubase 30-100 mouseclicks and scrolling and 2-10 new midi & vst channels + messed pdc ( those who mix properly know what i mean ) + mixer organization all gone to crap

Bitwig,Live etc > 5-10 mouseclicks tidy mixer and routing organization on 1 single track

Whick one do you think helps creativity?

And thats just the beginning, now try adjusting some parameters and make the settings work in your song

cubase does not have a real lower zone, thus user has to go back and forth in a mixer that has added midi and other channels messing everyting up

daws with real lower zone have all parameters within reach and easy access / looks and feels tidy and is easy and clear to navigate

“cubase does not have a real lower zone, thus user has to go back and forth in a mixer that has added midi and other channels messing everyting up”

I use visibility button to remove all unnecessery channels, when not used from the mixer view, i.e inputs, MIDI…

Post a video showing how you are doing this in both programs. Would love to see the bitwig workflow.


Just to the OP there is something definitely broken with cubase PDC and sidechains… I am doing a video on this but keep running out of time to finish it properly… will do asap to add my the topic i created about just that issue.

That said, bitwig is the worst DAW i have ever used in my life, equal with reaper… I don’t understand to be honest how you find it that difficult to create a gated reverb snare in Cubase, sorry.

And yes, post the workflow, so we can show you what you might be missing in Cubase.

Other than that, Cubase PDC is the best in the industry…

Bitwig had terrible PDC until they worked and worked on it and eventually fixed it… so don’t think it was some miracle overnight thing…

PS ableton live pdc is horrendous as of the last version i own, the last release of 9. If 10 fixes it I don’t know. I can put an effect with latency say on track 16 in a 16 track project, and the cursor for playback is out of time then for the entire project, every track. Then monitoring latency is affected on every track. Then, if you use tempo synced effects in a certain way after latent effects, live can not sync them. Please tell me you are joking, live’s PDC is atrocious and always has been. Before the mid cycle V9 update it was even worse.

Snare chanell, fx chanell with reverb, add a gate to the fx chanell via built in Strip, send snare. Now you have a gated reverb in the form of an fx chanell for all sounds.

  • you can save and then recall whenever needed. I always save those efx chains I use a lot. Even if you have to adjust for the situation it always saves time.

of course you could use a gated reverb like overloud breverb also where you can do all these effects directly in seconds even as an insert

Hit F4 and get used to adding groups and FX from there, rather than with many mouse clicks on the board.

Cubase is always better the second time you do something.

Back in the analog days I used to gategate the overheads with the snare track so the overheads open up only when the snare track is hit

I love creating groups now. Highlight all the channels to group and click add group. How can it be easier?

Nah since you didn t get it the first time i see your intention is not helpful

I’ve never seen Bitwig so, like many others here I would find it useful to see how you it works. A video would be useful. Alwsys interesting to see how things are accomplished in other DAWs.

Interesting. I don’t really see the issue, but then I hardly see the point in comparing two DAW’s that have uniquely different approaches; comparing Bitwig to Live seems more apt than comparing it to Cubase (which is more similar to Logic and DP, for example).
By the same token, I wouldn’t attempt a big live orchestral score in Bitwig to video with multiple tempo and signature changes, because that is not what it is geared up for.

To go back to your problem:
-I have not experienced issues with PDC personally in years with Cubase or Nuendo.
-there are various ways to go about creating a gated snare fx, just because you can’t use your Bitwig workflow (I think you actually can, but it will require different steps) doesn’t mean it’s broken.
One thing you could consider is using a send on your snare track to a reverb, stick the midi gate effect on your reverb and send the midi note from your snare track to the midi gate. The length of your snare note then decides the length of your reverb.
You can then route your fx and snare output to another group for combined processing.
Hardly the 100 clicks you were mentioning?