Impossible to mix after using Melodyne plugin on Cubase 10.5

I use Melodyne plug-in on Cubase Element 10.5 as a pitch corrector on my vocals. However, after using it, it becomes impossible to mix my vocals.
It’s as if everything becomes fixed in stone and I am not able to change anything anymore. Even panning becomes impossible!

What am I doing wrong?

Try rendering the processed Track to audio so the changes created by Melodyne will be ‘printed’ into a new Audio File.

How do I do that? I’m sorry but I don’t find this feature in my Melodyne plugin…

No, it’s not part of Melodyne, it’s in Cubase. Depending on which version of Cubase you have it will be under Edit>Render in Place. If your version doesn’t support Render in Place, then you need to do it manually by soloing the Track, Export the Audio like you would with a mix. Then Import that onto a new Audio Track. Check the manual for details.

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