I recently upgraded to a Lexicon Ionix from an Alpha unit. I use Cubase LE4. I decided to give the alpha to my daughter for her laptop with LE4 installed. Everything worked fine the 1st few weeks but now everytime she fires it up it says “IMPOSSIBLE TO RECORD”. I have never encountered that before. Everything, per her, is hooked up correctly and she even swapped the USB cable to see if that was it. It was not. Does anyone know what the problem is???

Can you import an existing track into Cubase and play that back through the Alpha?? This will determine if you have your VST connections set up correctly.

Also, have you checked that the project folder hasn’t been set to read only or something silly like that.

This is a bit of an obvious suggestion but I’ll offer it anyway. To check whether the Alpha has gone faulty all of a sudden or whether it’s a set up problem on your daughter’s laptop you could swap them over, put the Alpha back on your PC and the Ionix on the laptop. The fact that the Alpha suddenly stopped recording is ominous. I’m afraid that Lexicon interfaces don’t enjoy the best of reputations for serviceability and their early ones in particular suffered high failure rates, mainly on overheating internal ribbon cables. Having said that I’ve got my Lexicon Lambda set up as my main audio device and it has served me trouble free for years.

The only problem with that is that my daughter lives 650 miles south of here!!!

Just spoke with my daughter and she says that when she tries to open Cubase the only thing that happens is a window will pop saying “Impossible to record”. She can open up existing files and they play but cannot open a new file without getting the aforementioned…

Does this still happen if you set up a new project?

When the box appears, click ‘ok’
Then go to ‘Devices’, on the top taskbar, then ‘Device Setup’, and select the Audio interface you wish to use. Sometimes it’s simply Cubase getting confused!