Impossible to rescan plug-ins in Cubase pro 9.5


First of all I apologize for my english, I’m french and not really used to write in english I hope you’ll get me anyway !

The reason I ask for your help today is that I have an issue on Cubase pro 9.5 : everytime I re-scan the plug ins in the VST manager the all application completely freezes and all I’ve got to do is to close it with the task manager. It seems to me that this problem is not very frequent, because despite a lot of searches I didn’t find any solutions or similar cases… Before to get my license for the 9.5 pro I had the trial Cubase Elements 9 and I didn’t remember to have this problem.
If you have any idea to solve my problem I’ll be very grateful, I work on Fl studio since 2 and a half years and I decide to move to Cubase recently because it seems to me that it would fit me more (to orchestrate cords etc), it’s very expensive and it’s a pain in the a** that it can not load my VST correctly :laughing:

Thank you.


Hi and welcome,

The reason is, some of the scanned plug-in freezes (or crashes) and then even Cubase crashes. If you quit Cubase, and start it again, the plug-ins are scanned too, but it’s in different process, so the faulty plug-ins are blacklisted (out of Cubase) and don’t crash Cubase.

So quit Cubase, and start it again. Cubase will rescan the plug-ins a proper way.


Thank you very much for your answer. You were right, apparently the problem was coming from one of my plug-ins (it was a free version of a bundle from Waves Audio that I installed not in a proper way I think). The plug-in in fault was indeed blacklisted, but the scan didn’t process well.

So, knowing that the crash of Cubase was caused by the crash of a plug-in as you suggested, I deleted all files from Waves, and there was a lot scattered everywhere around my pc (program files, program, common files etc and a lot of different vst folders). Now that it is done, the VST plug in scan doesn’t freeze anymore and everything is fine.

Thanks again for your help

Anyone experiencing crashes when trying to rescan plugins …in NU7 ?

Tried restarting all a few times but stuck after Not being able to get a sly fi plug to show up even though it’s ilok 3 activated.

Started a support ticket but not hearing back so far.
Shocking I know.
Appreciate any help.


This happens, when any of the plug-in is not compatible with Cubase. The plug-in crashes while scanning and Cubase crashes with it.

If the plug-in check is done while Cubase start, the progress is out of Cubase. So only the faulty plug-in crashes, Cubase puts it to the black list, and continues with scanning of the next plug-in.

Thanks for your response.

Is there a current list of black listed plugs that one can find somewhere ??
Anyone know if sly fi axis is on that list ?

Any suggestions on how to fix re scan so it stops crashing ??

Don’t use rescan. Add the new plugins folder (are as the new plug-ins from the black list) in Cubase. Quit Cubase (without Rescan). Start Cubase.

Cubase will scan the plug-ins the save way, so it will not crash when the plug-in crashes.