Impossible to work with Backbone (Blank interface after installed)

Hi, today I installed Backbone after upgrading to Absolute 5.
I opened Backbone inside Cubase and just saw a blank interface of the plugin which I attached below.
Re-install the VST and Content did not help.

Yes I did search to see if anyone faced this issue before, I see a similar topic, but there is no answer from that topic.
So I have to open another topic, hopefully to get more help.

By the way my OS is Big Sur, all applications are legal and up-to-date.

Thank you for your advices.

Hi, just an update for everyone who are facing this issue.
This is the issue for Absolute 5 user, when we are working on the old licensing system, while Backbone itself is using the new licensing system.
Today, from a facebook user, I got the information about license upgrade voucher. In my case is Absolute 6 grace period. After upgrading the license, Backbone is working as expected.
Finally a great news after months of waiting, much more than I expected. Thank you Steinberg.

Best of lucks.