Impossible working with Cubase 12

After spend a lot of money:

  1. Cubase get freeze…reboot PC…freeze again…reboot PC…OK
    2)All channels from (2 to 16) MIDI in of VST multi instrument STOP WORKING!! Works only channel A-1…After 2 hors I try to disabled the Expression Map and MIDI had gets to work!!!

ok, nice, now I can start my job…

  1. I write 70 in BPM enter box, after pressing ENTER… note C1 of CELLO STARTS TO PLAY WITHOUT STOPPING!!!
    now I am writing this post with this note in my headphones.

I broken my balls…I thinks to sell my licence of cubase 12 pro.

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  1. Could you use Microsoft ProcDump to generate a DMP file to get more informations?

  2. Could you provide more informations, please?

  3. Could you provide more informations, please?